Given that Scooter devolved into an Archie knock-off and Stanley and his Monster got revamped by Kevin Smith, I’m going to say that Bob Hope won this little battle.

3 Responses to “Why Fight?”
  1. Frank Stallone says:

    “Thanks” for reminding me of the Kevin Smith run.

    Stanley’s grandfather was a Satanist and the Monster was a demon from Hell who wasn’t really that bad besides killing the aforementioned grandfather.

    When can we get a Stanley and his Monster: Rebirth? Geoff had them pop up in Infinite Crisis and he seemed to have their dynamic summed up pretty well in an extremely short scene.

  2. Sake says:

    I choose to selectively forget the Kevin Smith run and instead remember the Phil Foglio series

  3. Prankster says:

    I thought Scooter was an Archie knock-off right from the start.

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