And that was the day they committed Annette.

6 Responses to “Who Exactly Is She Talking To?”
  1. Bully says:

    Aiiiieeeee! Annette can see through the fourth wall…she’s talking to US!

  2. Matthew A. says:

    Wait a minute. “Merlin”? Would that be none other than Merlin Jones, the Scrambled Egghead?

  3. Matthew A. says:

    It’s hard to tell from that tiny profile. Does he look anything like Tommy Kirk in the rest of the book?

  4. Xanadude says:

    So, what is the average number of times
    Anette says the word “malt” in any given comic?

  5. Evan Waters says:

    What can you say, she loves her Colt 45.

  6. Le says:

    I’m loving that conspiratorial gaze Annette is throwing us.
    “We’re in this together now, punk.”

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