Hey, I need to save some money…what’s droppable?

Gantz: Seven volumes of blood and tits before I realized that there’s nothing to this manga series except blood and tits. I’ll just go ahead and stick to MPD Psycho. At least there the blood and tits are in service to a story.

Batman: I forced myself to read “Battle for the Cowl.” After that, I think DC should pay me to read Tony Daniel Batman comics, not the other way around.

Red Robin: Let’s be honest here, the book only exists to keep the message-board crowd happy, because God forbid DC not put out a book about the Robin that no one really likes, but no one really hates either. When inoffensive mediocrity is a selling point for a super-hero, you know the standards have sunk. Plus, it just feels incredibly off to me that the central story-line in the book is explaining to the lazy readers that Bruce Wayne isn’t actually dead.

Doom Patrol: They keep trying to get people interested in it, only to discover that unless it’s by Arnold Drake or Grant Morrison, no one really cares.

The Brave and The Bold: Straczynski’s first issue ended with Batman allowing someone to keep their magic power-giving gimmick, even though they directly caused the death of another person because of their misuse of it. The second was a silly attempt to work up a justification for letting super-heroes kill people. The latest is boomer narcissism about how “kids these days don’t care about issues like we did, maaannnnn.” Buh-bye, TBATB.

Green Arrow & Black Canary: Cripes, we get it, the crazy chick is obsessed with Ollie. Enough already.

Magog: Hey, super-heroes who are complete pricks aren’t fun to read about at all. Who could have guessed?

Titans: Does…anything ever happen in this book?

The Shield: Generic-Man #2763.

The Web: Generic-Man #2764.

Warlord: Not even Mike Grell drawing half-naked dudes can get me to overlook this book just rehashing the 70s series.

The Authority: The Wildstorm line as a whole has been floundering for a while, and while minis like Number of the Beast gave it a brief jolt of liveliness, as a super-hero property it’s now just…broken. Super-heroes squabbling in a post-apocalyptic ruin sounds good on paper, but in practice it’s too genre breaking to sustain interest.

Guardians of the Galaxy: I was enjoying this. But inconsistent art and too frequent participation in cross-overs I care nothing about just became too wearying.

Wolverine: Weapon X: Jason Aaron writes very good Wolverine comics. But, at the end of the day, even the best Wolverine comic in the world is still just yet another Wolverine comic. If you’ve read one, you’ve pretty much read them all.

8 Responses to ““They think this is worth HOW MUCH?””
  1. Timmy says:

    Could’nt of said it better myself.

  2. CandidGamera says:

    Well, *I* like Tim Drake.

  3. Tim O'Neil says:

    You know, I think Guardians of the Galaxy is an interesting case because I haven’t really even noticed the crossovers impacting the stories. I guess in hindsight that is because I sort of regard the book as part of a post-Annihilation Abnett & Lanning cosmic mega story, intrinsically tied to Nova, War of Kings, etc. The crossovers seem kind of necessary because the line is naturally close-knit – does anyone buy Guardians and not Nova and WoK?

    But yeah, the art has been pretty dire these past couple months.

  4. Captain Splendid says:

    You’re still reading Authority? Bless you. I dropped it during Millar’s run, and it was getting a little stale before that.

  5. Employee Aaron says:

    I try to support Rocket Raccoon when i can… but yer right Guardians of the Galaxy just couldn’t hold my attention. Too many crossovers.

  6. I gave up on Gantz after volume…four, I think? It really seemed like the chances of this actually having an eventual point were becoming slimmer and slimmer.

  7. Mark Clapham says:

    I would have thought Green Arrow was undroppable for me – thank you, Andrew Kreisberg, for showing me the light.

  8. Hovy says:

    How in the world were you able to read Green Arrow/Black Canary for so long? Momentum?

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