Why is this scarred man threatening a police-woman with a naked lady box?

Because the 1980s, that’s why.

5 Responses to “Silly Question, Really”
  1. Her expression in the last panel echoes my own: “Errrr… WHAT?!?”

  2. puff says:

    Let’s see…I’m gonna guess that the box contains Justin Timberlake’s junk.

    Blinding to men??? Don’t know about that.

    But the driving women crazy part…I mean…look what it did to Britney.


  3. Thom says:

    I’m confused. Why is she calling him Jesus? And why is Jesus breaking peoples’ arms? Is that what Jesus woud do?

  4. skizelo says:

    On the left, one of the naked ladies is upside down. A true sign of the artist’s dedication to fill as much space with as many naked ladies as possible.

  5. Daniel O' Dreams says:

    Ah yes, The Ark Of Greg Land, none may look upon it.

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