If you object to Batman, you object to joy.

3 Responses to “Same As It Ever Was”
  1. Mark Clapham says:

    “another comics company which features characters who frequently toss wisecracks at crooks.”

    One of Stan Lee’s best tricks was making everyone believe that Spider-Man invented that constant in-fight joking. Reading the earliest Batman and Superman stories, they never bloody shut up, doing exactly that motormouth act that was latterly associated with Marvel.

    So yeah, it’s good to see that even then fanboys based their presumptions on an incredibly shallow level of knowledge.

  2. Sallyp says:

    If this guy thought there was too much Batman around back in the good ol’ days, he’s probably ready to slit his throat by now. On the other hand, Batman hardly ever tosses quips along with his batarang any more.

  3. Steven H says:

    “I fully expect to see him teamed up with Sugar & Spike and Fox & Crow to combat Stanley’s Monster in some early issue of Brave & Bold”

    If only!

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