Sky Pirates!, 1995, Dave Stone
Otherwise known as “the one with the Roger Langridge illustrations.” Or “that really weird one.” The TARDIS crew find themselves in a logically impossible star system in which everything seems to run on bad jokes and insane improbabilities.
It’s Doctor Who as filtered through Robert Rankin, maybe with a side order of Terry Pratchett, which means you think it’s either brilliant or the worst thing ever.
I rather like it, myself.

5 Responses to “Paperback Book Club”
  1. Phil says:

    Wow. That painting of Sylvester McCoy is seriously freaking me out.

  2. theo says:

    It’s the eyes and the mouth. Especially the mouth. An deep unholy abyss that’s staring back at you.

  3. theo says:

    And is het really fighting a scorpion with a buttplug-umbrella inside an stomachmuseum?


  5. LaRue says:

    I’m gonna say “brilliant”. Love Stone’s use of huge words and convoluted descriptions, and some of the visual concepts he throws out here are just amazing.

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