Falls the Shadow, 1994, Daniel O’Mahoney
A lot of people like to cite Ghost Light as the moment where Doctor Who gets far too preoccupied with an Idea than with a Story, but those people never read this book. It’s structure, at first, is remarkably similar to Strange England, with the TARDIS crew encountering a bunch of weirdoes in a strange house, and it probably did the book no favors to be released so soon after that title. And there’s a lot of big Ideas going on in this book…but it’s also one of those books that pushes the limit for gore and sensationalism, even by the New Adventures line’s standards, that a lot of the Ideas don’t really come across well. It’s an ambitious book, but a very frustrating read.
It’s also the closest the Whoniverse gets to a cross-over with Sapphire & Steel, as (one of) the book’s villains are apparently based on the duo.

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