Green Arrow: being an ass just for the hell of it.
And people wonder why everyone hates him.

6 Responses to “Wildcat is Love (Exception)”
  1. Tony says:

    I picked up a trade of the old Roy Thomas JSA, and Wildcat’s depicted as kind of a dick. It was dismaying.

  2. I find “Dual Cosmos” funnier and more comforting to my qualms about the Earth-n motif than I expected to.

    …the shit of it is, I find that I like the Psycho-Pirate costume, as well. Think it’s…nnggheh…missing something (not the Mask)….

    Consarn it!


  3. Sallyp says:

    Ollie is pretty lucky all things considered, that Alan held Ted back, because he would have made mincemeat out of him!

  4. MirrorMan says:

    OK, so Ollie’s a dick, but why is Psycho Pirate 12 feet tall?

  5. Dean says:

    Also, this is part of the annoying ‘Wildcat talks like a thug’ era.

  6. Thom says:

    Psycho Pirate was always twelve feet tall. It’s just that every artists after this issue drew him at the wrong height.

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