Steve MacIsaac is one of my favorite gay comics creators and the author and illustrator of Shirtlifters.

One Response to “Steve MacIsaac”
  1. The more I look at Wildcat’s mask, the odder it gets. I mean, the muttonchoppy hangy-down bits are obviously meant to represent those tufty bits on the side of a wildcat’s jowls, while also looking a bit like the flaps on a deerstalker.

    But the white mouth and whiskers…It looks very much like he’s actually scooped out the inside of a big cat’s bonce and dropped it on his head. It’s not fitted, if you know what I mean. Not like Batman or Catwoman (/-man). It’s more like Hawkman’s iconic helm, in that instance.

    I mean, Spider-Man, ifyou did that with Spider-Man, you’d shit people RIGHT up.


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