Strange England, 1994, Simon Messingham
I get what Messingham was trying to do: a warped Alice in Wonderland version of a Victorian ghost story, with a dark mirror of the Doctor (called the Quack)…but between the small mountain of dead bodies and the slightly pretentious ruminations on the nature of good and evil it turns into just a dire slog of a book.

2 Responses to “Paperback Book Club”
  1. Siskoid says:

    At least you got what he was trying to do. The reputation of this book (I’m not there yet) is that no one knows what the hell’s going on.

  2. Mister Bile says:

    I liked the high body count… it reminded me of the EVERYBODY’S GONNA DIEEE! episodes, like The Horror Of Fang Rock. And then I had to try and figure out why the author kept going on about Boolean circuits.

    …at least, that’s what I remember. It’s one of the few New Adventures books I still own, but I can never bring myself to reread it.

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