The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh. Awesome, awesome costume.

I didn’t see much in the way of Booth Boys, but these guys almost make me want to see the Prisoner remake.

Obligatory Superman.

Bear Han. Now there’s an untapped market for cross-over merchandise.

It started to become apparent that I was just taking pictures of guys with nice chests.

Twelve inches of Wildcat. Not for sale. Dammit.

I’m proud to say that this is the only non-sexy-Bear Han Star Wars related picture I took. And why not? Any fool can dress up like a space Nazi. It takes class to dress up like a Mandalorian pimp.

This guy wore entirely the wrong costume to be copping a ‘tude about getting his picture taken.

4 Responses to “Beefcake of the Con”
  1. InfoMofo says:

    See… this is the kind of con coverage you can’t get anywhere else.

  2. Superman is apparently a boxer-briefs man.

  3. Twelve inches…sure, that’s what they ALL say.

  4. coye says:

    is the guy from 300 actually wearing brown trunks? seriously, at DragonCon there were PLENTY of 300 soldiers, all of which were pissed when a guy with a camera would ask them to pose. WTF?

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