“You’ve been spending a lot of time staking out that club on 57th lately, Billy? What’s the name? The Ramrod?”
“I’m working on a case Mary!”
“Every night for six months?”

6 Responses to “The Secret Life of Captain Marvel”
  1. Exclamation points end every sentence…did Tom DeFalco write this?

  2. Brian says:

    So Billy’s alter ego is into BDSM … now I get what just what kind of “Captain” he is.

  3. JamesK says:

    “Billy, why do you keep all those muscle mags in the office?”
    “Suspects, Mary, always looking for suspects.”

  4. Sallyp says:

    Poor Billy. His lariat DOES seem to be a little limp.

  5. John Pontoon says:

    “I’ll just announce my plans, then stand here with my eyes closed. Holding this rope.”

  6. Cap'n Carrot says:

    Guess that means Tawky Tawny is sleeping alone again.

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