5 Responses to “Gay Agenda Says What?”
  1. elsie says:

    Well, maybe getting his diva on will cheer him up a bit. Speaking of which, I’ve been watching TW meltdown with amazement. Here I am trying to write a book on fan engagement with serial narratives, and this drops into my lap. Just amazing to watch from a cultural studies point of view.

  2. Evan Waters says:

    I’m sort of disappointed that this isn’t actually part of the show.

  3. Mister Terrific says:

    It’s the perfect synergy of searching for weevils and making a few quid on the side!

  4. Dorian says:

    Elsie–That book sounds both fantastic and slightly harrowing.

  5. elsie says:

    The harrowing part will be getting it done around all the other work I’ve got to do. I described my plans to one of my colleagues, and I had to do some heavy convincing to get him to think it might be possible to finish it. But I’m utterly fascinated by the project and can’t not work on it.

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