Topics of conversation on first day of our trip included:

  • Porn pet peeves
  • Egalitarianism in porn, and whether it’s possible in straight porn
  • Why gay porn seems much more fun than straight porn
  • John’s habit of dating actresses and stewardesses
  • Creepy S&M guys who get into that scene because they’ve found a socially accepatable way to hit women.

Currently somewhere between Scottsdale and Flagstaff. A picture gallery is going up here.

4 Responses to “Day One”
  1. Why gay porn seems much more fun than straight porn

    I’d be interested in that conversation as I’ve never watched, and probably never will watch, gay porn. But yeah, straight porn can be downright depressing sometimes, and that’s without even talking about the non-vanilla stuff.

  2. I’m bi, and I totally agree about the egalitarianism aspect.

  3. Mark Question says:

    I sense there might be a proper blog post in this. I know I am very curious about yout thoughts on items 1-3 and 5.

  4. Well, I can’t say I’m an expert on straight porn, but I think in a very general sense it takes itself more seriously than gay porn does. So many straight porn actresses seem so skanky and sad. I also think they have to go through a lot of contortions to make straight men comfortable watching other straight men fucking.

    I’m acquainted with a few people involved in major studio gay porn, and they also seem just to be pretty good people, while a lot of straight porn studio people just seem sleezy. It’s hard to make all these generalizations, though, with the rise of amateur/Internet porn.

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