Dark Horse is publishing a book called The Art of Emily the Strange. Which is funny for all kinds of reasons.

Even before I had a concept for sexuality, I knew that there was something especially appealing about the Warlord comic. I’d be very surprised if I was the only gay comic fan looking forward to the Showcase edition of the first 29 appearances of the character.

Dear Marvel,
The cat is already out of the bag about Wiccan. This just looks vaguely insulting. Would you do a cover with Namor draped seductively over Reed Richards? Didn’t think so.

Herc has far too much clothing on in that pick.
On a related note, I finally picked up the fourth Hercules trade, Love And War. I never expected to see “eromenos” jokes in my super-hero comics, so good on Pak and Van Lente.

How to make sure I don’t buy your comic:

Actually, there are a couple of other “no sales” in that ad, but that’s the big one.

IDW has a new collected edition of Don McGregor’s Detectives Inc.. The add copy is a little lurid, promising “homosexuality, bisexuality, abortion, race relations, and domestic violence” in a somewhat salacious way, but McGregor’s series was one of the first American comics to feature sympathetic gay characters and it attracted a fair amount of angry condemnation from retailers, readers and distributors because of it.

How to insure you never get laid, ever, by anyone of any gender or orientation:

And they call it the “Joker: Salvation” shirt. The hell?

I’m genuinely curious to find out if the sexy transvestite from Final Fight sells as well as other girlie statues from Japan.

I’m glad I don’t work in comics retail anymore, because if I did we might carry these, and then I would know which people of my acquaintance want to buy “sexy Smurfette” figurines. And that’s information I don’t need.

4 Responses to “Previews for Gays”
  1. Lawrence says:

    But Marvel would do a cover with Namora draped over Sue Richards.

  2. super-rob says:

    Little known fact: Namor was only using Sue to get to Reed.

  3. Mister Terrific says:

    Would you do a cover with Namor draped seductively over Reed Richards? Didn’t think so.

    I think it’d be the other way around. After all, there’s potentially more of Reed to drape when you think about it.

  4. Brian Smith says:

    Note that the Poison statue is “the Black Edition,” promoted as a bleach blonde in black denim. That’s because the statue already came out a couple of years ago — same pose but with pink hair, blue denim and standard handcuffs.

    I’ve never bought nor have I been given a girlie statue from Japan, but I suddenly have a creepy feeling that they’re going to keep releasing Poison statues in different color combinations until one seizes my imagination so much that I have to buy one for every room of the house.

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