5 Responses to “One More and it’s Officially a Trend”
  1. Cap'n Carrot says:

    Do we really need CSI:FF? I think not.

  2. Lawrence says:

    Man, Millar really likes dead giants.

  3. jlg says:

    I think this might be number 3.

  4. Mark Clapham says:

    … and then they drove through the town of FF Sales Falls…

  5. Alan says:

    “It seems the Watcher… (on flames) didn’t watch out.”

    YYYYEEE “No no, wait. Eeeww, there’s bits of his guts on his penis! Damn it, Millar… Wow it’s bigger than my entire body. Reed, can I take his eyes? You forgot to buy basket balls for the Baxter Building. You could play Adolf Chaplin with his nuts”?

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