I can’t think of a better way to kick off a narcissism driven week of looking back on the dubious achievement of maintaining a blog for five years than to look at my five favorite good-looking men and talk briefly about what their looks do to me.

Zak Spears got me through my adolescence. Seriously, what little gay porn I was able to sneak looks at featured hairless little blond boys and that look just never did anything but remind me uncomfortably of the pretty jerks I was going to school with. And then I saw Zak Spears in a video, and here was this gruff, hairy man who got as well as he gave.
I was smitten.

A good looking straight man with a sense of humor who is not only fully aware that he comes off a little gay, but revels in it? Oh, how could I help but be utterly taken in?

Boyishly handsome and funny is a dangerous combination.

I really love the old physique models. The playfulness and naivete of the images, combined with their obvious erotic undertones, is just irresistible. Ed Fury is by far my favorite of the models of that era. Again, it’s the boyish handsomeness, combined with the casual masculinity, although in Ed’s case there’s also a strong sense of humor and fun that comes through. You have to work hard to find a photo of him where he’s not smiling.

sigh…It’s those eyes.

5 Responses to “Five Years On: Men of the Moment All Stars”
  1. Did you see the Barbara Walters interview with Jackman? I fell in love!

  2. Man, does Zak Spears look like Chris Pontius’ older brother or what?

  3. Matthew A. says:

    Ed Fury’s got a great ass.

  4. Dorian says:

    Oh, I’m so pleased someone finally noted that joke.

  5. Matthew A. says:

    Yeah, I’m a regular Marty Allen, over here.

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