Gratuitous gay-baiting in Watchmen?

Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That
A pivotal moment in the “Watchmen” plot has Nite Owl and Rorschach hacking into Ozymandias’ computer. Keep a close eye on his desktop, and you’ll see an ominously titled file folder. “Adrian’s sorta like very asexual, but he’s possibly a homosexual,” grinned Matthew Goode, referring to a long-held suspicion among “Watchmen” fans. “There’s a very small thing in his file window, and it just says, ‘Boys.’ Which is very funny, and that’s the kind of detail that Zack works with.”

Added by Zack Snyder? The devil you say!

This movie is going to suck on a scale heretofore never imagined, isn’t it?

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  1. Andrew Weiss says:

    Let me guess: it’s because he’s all into Alexander the Great and the ancient Greeks, who were into that stuff, except for the ancient Greeks in that other movie who were ultra-hetero, honest.

    At least the LOEG movie didn’t pretend to be anything but a mindless blockbuster.

  2. John G says:

    How does Ozymandias have a GUI desktop when it’s 1985?

  3. John G says:

    This thing has “The Matrix Reloaded” written all over it…

  4. Robert N. says:

    It’s really strange to see the “visionary director” talking about how the work is very adult, different and mature (because “there’s awesome amounts of awesome violence, fucking, killing and rape”) in a way that makes him the greatest caricature of insanely stupid and juvenile homophobic fanboys who think Watchmen is Dostoyevsky because, you know, it’s like Akira or Heavy Metal comics. And good as well, since it shows quite blatantly how amazingly stupid it all is.

    Ah, Zack Snyder. The Uwe Boll of very serious people.

  5. Will Wise says:

    It’s very something, Matthew Goode, but funny is not the word that leaps to mind.

  6. Matt M. says:

    Apple had GUIs since 1984.

    That “boys” folder made me cringe the second I saw it. Really? I mean, really?

  7. Pab Sungenis says:

    Uh, guys? Rohrschach brings up the homosexuality angle on Ozymandias in the original book. Zack Snyder didn’t add it.

  8. Dorian says:

    Pab–There’s a difference between an unreliable character like Rorshcah making an assumption and a director with a history of anti-gay depictions implying that a character is not only gay, but a pedophile, as a “joke.”

  9. Ken Lowery says:

    Rorschach is a VERY unreliable narrator — it’s demonstrated again and again that he often bends what evidence he finds to fit his worldview. I mean, they all do, but he’s really bad about it.

  10. Robert N. says:

    Yeah, that argument really just makes Snyder a tad dumber by thinking Rorsharc really is quite a reliable point of view, instead of a portrayal of comic fans as reactionary and repressed Travis Bickle figures.

  11. John G says:

    I’ve barely read like 20 pages of Watchmen but Robert sounds like he has it…isn’t the whole point of the book that Rorscharch is this paranoid Free Republic type who walks around accusing people of being homosexual leftist traitors?

  12. Dorian says:

    Broadly, yes. But how that’s a bad thing seems to be missed by a number of people. I apologize for the link, but here’s the AICN review:

    Jackie Earle Haley IS RORSCHACH. Now the sad thing is… no matter what Zack could have done, we never would have had nearly enough Rorschach. Seriously. I have never been satisfied with the amount of Rorschach that exists. His monologues from Journal entries. Everything about him. The audience loved everything that Rorschach does. Be it with the mask, without the mask, empowered, allegedly helpless, grownup or as a child. Rorschach is a brilliant character. He’s Travis Bickle with a mask. He is the hardest version of BATMAN and less gaudy than JUDGE DREDD. Rorschach is the ID of those wishing vengeance and retribution. He is great. Truly great.

    Now, granted, Harry Knowles isn’t exactly the most self-aware film critic on the planet, but his reactions to films are pretty typical of nerds as a whole. That he even makes the explicit comparison to Bickle and still does not see the problem with that is telling.

  13. Martin Wisse says:

    Haarry Knowles is a tool, but yes, there’s a reason The Return of the Dark Knight was almost always more popular than Watchmen

    How does Ozymandias have a GUI desktop when it’s 1985?

    Obviously, it’s a GEM UI.

  14. Thom says:

    I’m not really convinced it will suck as an overall film (and after reading Debbie Schlussel’s review, I am leaning towards giving the film more of a chance). I’ll make my decision tomorrow night, though, right now I find the reviews far to mixed. Hollywood Reporter Pans it, Ebert suggests it is worth seeing more than once.

  15. merchantfan says:

    Incredibly dumb. Also, it just produces headaches logic-wise. Character-wise, I can see Ozymandias being bi (using sexuality as a weapon when it seems most appropriate, no matter the gender of the person), but why would he keep something like that on a clearly labeled folder on his desktop. Don’t tell me he wouldn’t be insanely careful with documents even back in the 80’s.

  16. HCE says:

    Knowles’s review shouldn’t be a surprise – not everyone comes away from Taxi Driver thinking Bickle is anything but an anti-hero. I knew plenty of people in college who had the same opinion of the character as those newspaper articles at the end of the film. And to be fair, I’m not sure the movie convincingly distances itself from Bickle, though I’ll agree that’s the intent.

    So like I said, it’s not surprising that Rorschach is being viewed this way, especially when I can even remember people responding positively to his portrayal in the GN.

  17. Patrick Dean says:

    Maybe it’s just a folder of Bauhaus demos?

  18. Robert says:

    Apparently both Snyder AND the writer (a hateful little turd by the name of David Hayter, that might be trying to be a little bit too much like The Office’s David Brent) needed to check your post before making the damn film.

    “Admit it (…) All this time, you’ve been waiting for a director who was going to hit you in the face with this story. To just crack you in the jaw, and then bend you over the pool table with this story.”

    (if you haven’t seen the film, Sally gets beaten up and thrown on the pool table by the Comedian)
    “and then bend you over the pool table with this story and then bend you over the pool table with this story and then bend you over the pool table with this story and then bend you over the pool table with this story”

    Nerds are afraid of me. I’ve seen its true face. Its frightened scared little “ma! I’m a big boy!” face (with blood over the eye, after a beating it can never forget), desperatly trying to beat itself up so it’ll be very tough against such a scary and frightening world, to not be some ‘fagtard’. The true face of everything nerd-related post-watchmen (all the Bendis and all the Millars). When not realizing Rorscharch is a disgusting loon, then liking him even more because of it (because it wants so badly to be as intimidating as the scary rapist world).

    Hayter: “Trust me. You’ll come back, eventually. Just like Sally.”

    Midnight. Boom.

  19. candlejack says:

    I was just sort of impressed that Ozy was able to find and download porn in 1985. Truly, he *is* the world’s smartest man.

  20. Tom Foss says:

    Just saw the movie. Yes, the file folder is just one small thing, one subtle little hint that Ozymandias might not be the ultimate in heteronormativity. It’s positively understated, that little clue.

    The nipples on his very Schumacher-esque costume? Slightly less understated.

    The shot at the beginning where he’s outside a club with a drag queen on one side and the Village People on the other? Zach Snyder and “subtlety” have apparently never met.

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