She’d rather write a story about her fan-club than a potentially corrupt politician?
Up next, Lois writes an editorial about the “going Galt” phenomenon, without actually cutting back on her own profitability. Or explaining how, precisely, she creates wealth in society.

5 Responses to “Maybe Lois is a Republican”
  1. Sea-of-Green says:

    Ha. “Dullsville.” Lois actually said, “Dullsville”! :-D

    — Sea

  2. Twobyfour says:

    she wrote a story about her own fan club? really? huh.

  3. I think she’s just an idiot. They transcend political parties.

  4. elsie says:

    I think it’s more along the lines of “women don’t worry their pretty little heads about important things like politics; they can only write for the society page.”

  5. Xanadude says:

    Lois Lane IS Michelle Malkin.

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