5 Responses to “Just Another Day in Metropolis”
  1. Mick says:

    I have a showcase with an early “Lois Lane” issue, where she is called by the cops to a building to try to stop a jumper from killing himself (because, you know, whatever. She’s a journalist. It makes sense, damnit). Right before she goes in the building, she looks up at the jumper and there’s this awesome panel of the jumper on the edge standing between two windows. In each window there’s a cop holding a flavor of ice-cream tempting the jumper so he won’t jump (“heeey, c’ma! You know you want some chocolate ice-cream! Come down from there!” – “heeey look… pistachio!”).

    You just think to yourself, “FUCK! That is way more awesome than that scene in Lethal Weapon 1”. Like, fucking ice-cream, man! And the jumper is probably just stuck there in the middle ’cause he can’t decide which window is a better choice. What were they thinking? It’s like actual kids wrote this, you know?*

    “Of course, ice-cream. Sure”.

    *Or Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, and it was cornetto. Could be that.

  2. Is it me or is cat-head Lois kinda sexy.


    Man, it’s getting HOT in here.



  3. Bill D. says:

    See, if anyone in that audience was paying attention, they’d be able to tell that Clark Kent was an alien – maybe not specifically Superman, but still alien – as no human being anywhere at any time has ever snapped his/her fingers in time to a Pat Boone song.

  4. Each click is a sonic boom, deafening the Man of Steel for however long it takes him to



    Of course, this is Silver Age Superman, who can probably taste the vibrations of Boone’s vocal cords through the hair on his ears. So. You know. Caveat reador.

    Good crowd scene, though.


  5. Josh says:

    There’s a Roald Dahl story in that first panel there.

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