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4 Responses to “The Question Answered”
  1. Baal says:

    Actually, a response to the twitter comment about any boycott. Internet raging like that IS ridiculous. I have started claiming that I’m going to swear never to buy X again but in all honesty probably will. Anywho, wasn’t what I read that a few retailers are saying their customers are actually canceling DC titles from their pull lists? I have my doubts about that too but it’s a level or two more reliable…

  2. John Seavey says:

    I don’t know if I’m “boycotting” DC per se, but I haven’t bought a comic set in DC’s current continuity since…I think the last thing I bought was the third issue of ‘Trinity’.

    But this isn’t a Grand Statement about my dissatisfaction with ‘Final Crisis’, or even with DC (or Marvel for that matter, which I’ve also dropped.) It’s just that I have limited funds right now, and I’m only buying things I genuinely enjoy that make me happy. And nothing in the current Marvel or DC universe seems to be geared towards that. So what very, very little I spend on comics, I spend on either Marvel Adventures or the Showcases/Essentials.

    I suppose if they put more joy, fun, and general entertainment value in their comics I’d be more tempted to buy them than I am the current crop of 90s knock-offs…but I wouldn’t guarantee it.

  3. Kevin says:

    Yay for Crash Test Dummies song references. Boo that I still know that.

  4. HermitIX says:


    I just downloaded that song on to my iPod last night, I had never heard it before.

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