Nightshade, 1992, Mark Gatiss
This is one of the stand-out novels of the New Adventures line. It’s not hard to see why; it’s by Mark Gatiss, of The League of Gentlemen, author of the Lucifer Box novels (which you Bond fans really should be reading), and New Who screen-writer and actor (Professor Lazarus in the third series). But apart from the impressive author credits the story itself is fantastic, with an inspired plot turn of having the Doctor and Ace come to the aid of an actor who once played a suspiciously Quatermass-like role.

It’s also one of the handful of Virgin-era Who books to be available as an e-book, so you can check it out yourself.

3 Responses to “Paperback Book Club”
  1. M.A. Masterson says:

    Oh man, I was gonna add the e-book comment, as “Nightshade” is what’s currently loaded on the Stanza app on my phone. I’m finding that it seems like a larger cast of characters on the small screen, if that makes any sense. More distance between Doctor-y bits.

  2. M.A. Masterson says:

    Wait, what I will add is the Feedbooks link, so you can get it in more formats.

  3. Siskoid says:

    I’m a big fan of Nightshade too. Great book, and it made me glad to see Gatiss’ writing credits on New Who.

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