According to their copyright information, these are the actual titles of the first four trade collections of the current Hercules series from Marvel:

  • Hulk: WWH–Incredible Herc
  • Incredible Hercules: Against the World
  • Secret Invasion: Incredible Hercules
  • Incredible Hercules: Love & War

So, depending on how they’re stocked in the store, the books could be in either one place on the shelves, or three different places. It goes without saying that there are of course no volume numbers on the spines or covers of these books.

And it’s hardly as if Hercules is the only Marvel series to be titled in such an…idiosyncratic way for the collected editions.

Why, it’s almost as if Marvel, after all these years, is continuing to treat their trade paper-back program as a half-assed after-thought instead of a genuine revenue stream…

I apologize for the link to Ain’t It Cool News, but the video clip in question doesn’t make sense without the context. So go take a quick look and then come back.

This is the line that I want to take issue with:

But the following clip has one of the coolest sound effect mixed with an action that I’ve seen in a really long time.

Yeah, about that sound mix…it’s about as close an approximation of the “Biff”, “Bam”, “Pow”, “Wowee” sounds of the 60s Batman live-action show that I’ve ever heard. Insert some graphics over the action, and it pretty much is the 60s Batman tv show.

But was purposefully camp then, I’m being expected to take seriously now.

There’s something very wrong with that.

2 Responses to “Minor Gripes”
  1. SKFK says:

    While reading Brian Hibbs’ analysis of Bookscan numbers, I was surprised to find out that Iron Man: Extremis was out of print for most of 2008. It’s the trade paperback collection of comics drawn by the same guy who designed the movie Iron Man suit, and Marvel forgot to keep it in print. I think that just about says it all.

  2. Jonny K says:

    Hulk: WWH – Incredible Herc isn’t reaally a collection of Incredible Hercules. It’s some Amadeus Cho stories, and a Rick Jones one, with some appearances from Herc and others. The comic was titled Hulk at that point, and it wasn’t until the start of the “Against the World” trade that it really became a Herc title. Noticably, Fred Van Lente joined the writing team at that point, so there was a tonal shift.

    My point is that it does make sense to have THAT volume named differently, as it’s not really part of the series. But it is a bit screwed up overall. And your general point is good.

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