2 Responses to “Sick Burn!”
  1. Mark W. Hale says:

    Man, the blood sure drained out of Luthor’s face, didn’t it?

  2. Bill the Splut says:

    I remember that comic! And I wondered why the colorist took his lunch during that second panel.

    Yeah, you are AWESOME MENTALITIES, and yet you hang out with a guy who calls himself “Space Viking,” who has exactly the powers you’d expect from a Space Viking, i.e., he steals stuff using his space ship.

    At the end of the story, Braniac smacks one of those doodads on his forehead and disintegrates Luthor and himself forever. (I believe Luthor shouts as the disintegration starts “Hey, WATCH OUT!”) And they died. Too bad that they’ve been dead for 35 years. They seemed like interesting characters.

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