Krypto, PI

in: Cherchez La Chienne

Chapter One: The Hydrant With No Name

It was hot in Suicide Slum. Hotter than the night Prince had mauled Rex’s leg in that fight between the East Side Scrappers and the Lower West Junkyarders. The night that Lady Penelope lost her Canine Good Citizenship Award.

Big Red was out of town. Way out. He and Little Red were in Andromeda, something about Green Dome and Skin Dome teaming up to steal a Space Diamond, but I didn’t care. I had business in Suicide Slum. Personal business. The kind of business Big Red knew better than to ask me about.

Doggie Business.

I’d heard some stories from what was left of the Junkyarders about bad news going down the last few weeks, Alphas waking up with their two best friends missing. That’s the kind of thing that can throw the entire barking order of a block off. With the top dogs out of the picture, new guys were moving into their territories. This wasn’t like the usual turf wars between the Water Spaniels and the Samoyeds, or even that move the Shih Tzus tried to make on the dog park. This was something new. Someone was being a very bad dog…

4 Responses to “Krypto, PI”
  1. Sallyp says:

    Krypto as Sam Spade. I love it!

  2. MirrorMan says:

    Wouldn’t he be “Sam Spayed”? Oh, wait. Did they have him fixed before he left Krypton? If not, “Look Out, Bitches!”

  3. Nick says:

    Hi! I just started a blog, and I’m going to link to yours. Of course, it would be awesome if you put up a link to mine as well. Sorry, I feel like a tool doing this, I’m just trying to get a readership going. I really do enjoy your blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy mine when you get the time to check it out. Thanks!

  4. Employee Aaron says:

    i hope never to be called skin dome by any animal! :)

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