I’ve got a couple of longer-type posts rattling around in the back of my head. I’ve got some thoughts on the role of sex and sexuality in computer games I need to get out at some point, as well as some thoughts on all the misanthropic television I’ve been watching on DVD lately, but I don’t quite have anything I want to share with the public just yet on those subjects.

I’m tempted to talk about the list of Free Comic Book Day titles, but I think I’d rather wait until I actually can take a look at them to talk about them in depth. Though I do feel rather confident in saying that I really would rather wish that Arcana and Wizard wouldn’t bother with contributions this year. I also find it curious that Claypool is listed as participating, given the possibility of Diamond dropping them from the catalogue.

I’m half-tempted to write about the new Flash series, but given how little content is actually in that article (“It’s a bold new direction!” Again?), I can’t work up the enthusiasm.
(The article also makes me want to create a little banner that reads “Barry Allen is still dead. Get over it.”)

I’m also sorely tempted to talk about the latest leaked “exclusives” from Wizard, if for no other reason than to share the shame I feel at the prospect of buying a Wildcats comic in the near future.

Instead, to fill up space, I’m going to make an observation about C.S.I.
Nick Stokes should be gay. Let’s face it, the characters on this show have only the barest hints of personalities. You’ve got the ex-stripper single mom whose dad is a mobster, the snotty girl with an Electra Complex, the geeky kid, the geeky boss, the grizzled veteran cop, the good-looking black guy and the good looking white guy. Nick is practically a cipher as it is. The only things we’ve learned about him in five years is that he’s from Texas, he was sexually molested as a kid, and he once had sex with a hooker.
I mean, given the way the show works, it would only be brought up once and used as an excuse for the character to get indignant over a case, then never brought up again, so what could it hurt?

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